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Dear Sir

 Mrs Margarett Beckett M.P. has been caught telling a ‘Porkie’. In a written answer to Mr David Liddington M.P. about the consultation prior to the ban on swill feeding, she said on July 22 2002 ‘The majotity of respondents were in favour of a ban on the feeding of catering waste containing meat or meat product as swill to livestock’.

Unfortunately Mr Ben Bradshaw M.P. ( The Minister with special responsibility for pigswill) has landed his boss in the pigswill by confirming that only 32% of  the respondents supported a ban on the feeding of pigswill.

However all is not lost because DEFRA has now interpreted the meaning of the word ‘majority’. DEFRA states ‘The use of the majority was not a matter of numerical counting of letters, but that those in favour of a ban included major organisations representing widespread interests’.

So now we have it, some opinions are more important than others. Can we expect the result of the next General Election to be interpreted according to the ‘widespread interests’ of the individual voter? A majority will no longer be a matter of ‘numerical counting’ we are being told.

  Yours faithfully

  Robert Persey