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09:00 - 06 April 2004

Europe is rejecting plans for huge wind turbines across the continent - as the British Government continues to ignore widespread concern about this controversial form of renewable energy.

The tide of opinion is turning against windfarms in Europe and next week the Government is going to come under pressure to follow suit.

The WMN has learned that a high level meeting involving Westcountry campaigners is to be held next week to bring together local organisations nationwide to fight a concerted campaign against the proliferation of wind turbines.

Businessman and broadcaster Noel Edmonds, who has led a campaign to raise awareness about the impact of wind turbines, said:

Conservative shadow environment and transport minister Theresa May said depending on size, a turbine would have to be built at least every other day if the Government is to meet a target of ten per cent of renewable energy by 2010.

She said: "I think it is staggering that the Government is out to meet this target but does not appear to have a strategy to do so. It makes me question what their real commitment to renewable energy is."

Reports from Europe this weekend indicate that countries such as Germany and Denmark - often held up as publicly popular success stories by the British wind industry - are now feeling the anger of voters at the low frequency humming, stroboscopic effects of blades in the sunshine, and impact on views.