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Here are a few more stories Mary,

Food agency acts to allay fears over scrapie scare

My comment... OHHH.. what would we do without Krebs and crew!!!

Defra playing bad cop..  FSA playing good cop..
And the net effect is still of course to raise anxiety levels..(as intended IMHO)

Experts discover first signs of BSE in sheep
By Steve Connor, Science Editor

The Independent, retailing more of the same old conjectural, hypothetical stuff..

What are they up to?

Well.. good question.. wish I knew..

For one.. all bureaucracies try to spin.. to prove they actually do something.. to justify their existence.. Second.. I guess this story helps provide a useful diversion at this time.. given a little more political pressure being applied recently (Dring followup etc)

Third.. Likely..this is a continuation and part and parcel of the continuing vendetta, against sheep/farmers

Perhaps Defra feel the best defence is a good offence.. So roll out the speculative, hypothetical,scare stories again..

All the best