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Dear Mary,

On the evening of August 16th the village of Canworthy Water in North Cornwall was flooded to a depth of six foot when the River Ottery burst its banks. People were rescued by a Sea King helicopter from the roofs of their houses, from cars which were being swept away by the deluge, and out of trees.

Sheep were swept away and drowned - tractors and farm machinery destroyed.

For the second time in three years this small community has been devastated .............. and yet again it has to suffer in silence.

John Prescott didn't come to offer his sympathy to villagers who have lost everything, and who could so easily have lost their lives if it wasn't for the bravery of the RAF rescue teams................neither did our Liberal Democrat MP come.

Just like FMD in 2001.

Perhaps this was only to be expected. Andrew George MP ( Lib Dem Rural Affairs spokesman) stated in a letter to me on June 17th 2004, when I had asked him for help about what happened in this village during the illegal contiguous cull which was carried out in Canworthy Water in April 2001 quote : " Of course I would be happy to meet, but the chances of me having time to visit North Cornwall in the coming weeks are very remote indeed. " Apparently he is so busy that he can't even find the time to write, email or telephone since that letter either. Apparently the fact that over 10 million healthy animals were illegally slaughtered during this Government's handling of FMD in 2001, and that over sixty farmers committed suicide, is of little concern to him.

First our village is decimated by FMD.............and then hit by a flood. And still no one cares ! Maybe we should stage an earthquake or all go down with nv CJD ?

John Prescott managed to arrive promptly at 8 am the following morning for a "concerned politician photo shoot" in will be very interesting to see just how much financial support he actually gives to Boscastle.

The reality of the situation was that AFTER the flooding the Environment Agency put out a flood warning for the River Ottery.............they also said that Launceston and Bude were going to flood ................ they even said that there was a risk to life etc. Nothing happened ! Just like fmd 2001.............there was no forward planning followed by uncoordinated mass panicking with incorrect info being given out !

best wishes