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I wonder what the effect of all this rain will have been on the Cefn Croes roadworks. Forwarded on from a website (which I haven't checked out) I have received a report of a peat slide ('bogalanche) at wind farm site in Derrybrien Co. Galway - ca. half a million tons. The European Commission has been alerted and has found Ireland in default of the Environmental Impact Directive. In the meantime, 650 acres of trees which are growing on the site are being clear-felled.
I do not see how any 'environmentalist' in the green groups can look at the Cefn Croes photos and defend wind farms. If they really were going to make a substantial contribution to emissions reduction(rather than a negligible one at huge economic, social and environmental cost), then perhaps we would be prepared to sacrifice our landscapes and quality of life. As it is, their contribution is marginal and comes at a huge economic, social and environmental cost - mainly to benefit the developers.
oh dear.