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Email from Roger Saturday August 21 2004

I will have to get in touch with Janet Hughes and order a copy of her book for my sister! She had a walking holiday in Cumbria recently. Whilst there she purchased a copy of Foot and Mouth, Heart and Soul. She read it and cried. As did her husband. A bloody great ex. rugby forward.
"You got involved with all this, didn't you!" she said to me today.
"I tried to help" I replied.
With that she threw her arms around my shoulders and whispered in my ear,"I am so sorry. I didn't know what was going on, we thought that you'd gone mad."
All she knew about it was the short period of coverage before the Election. I briefly told her that most of the country was affected.
That the real killing took place during and after the election up to and including Jan. 2002. I told her about Kirsty and her goat.      She sat open mouthed.
Better late than never, I thought.  I'm lending her Quita and Moira's books. Unfortunately she cannot log into warmwell as her computer has bust.
She is just one. Most of the population don't know either. As we know, the most popular media gave up after a while. As they are now doing with Iraq / Afghanistan / Sudan / Palestine etc.Anything important.