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Not such a funny old world...

Had a natter with the owner of a small independent electrical shop the other day. Corner shop that has been there for generations and now facing retirement, he is having to close it down as he can't compete with the big boys. His son is not interested because of all the red tape.

He told me that he went to a function the other day and sat beside a chap that farms beef in 1,000 acres near here. He too is packing it in because of too much interference, red tape and low prices.

Caught the end of Farming Today where they were trying to justify factory farming and boasted that because of pressure from the supermarkets, prices in the shops have not changed for 4 / 5 years. This is good for the consumer... ! The CIWF had something to say, to which the reply was that intensive farming was not as bad as they ( the CIWF ) would have us believe....

Our central heating conked out last night. Couldn't get it going so I `phoned our local plumber. He said that he was not now a member of something or other and therefore not able to help with central heating problems. I asked him to come round and give me some advice, which he did.

He fixed it within ten minutes.Something had burnt out. I promised that I would not tell a soul. He told me that he no longer takes on 14 year olds for work experience nor is he going to employ anybody else. He works all hours 5 days a week and spends the weekends filling in forms and invoicing etc.

I was reminded of wheel-clampers now having to take an honours degree to remain employed.

Funny old world init ?