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8 December 2004



Labour’s policy on CO2 is all talk


Following confirmation this morning that the Government will miss the targets set by Tony Blair for CO2 reductions by a wide margin at the very moment Tony Blair himself claims to be putting Climate Change at the heart of Britain's chairmanship of the G8, the Shadow Secretary of State for Environment, Tim Yeo said:



‘Urgent policy changes are needed to get Britain back on course both to meet Labour's targets for CO2 emission cuts and to honour Britain's Kyoto Treaty commitments. Three steps should be taken at once to improve our performance in transport, home energy efficiency and renewable energy..


‘Firstly, the faster introduction of greener less polluting vehicles should be encouraged by market instruments such as wider differentials on Vehicle Excise Duty so that emissions from cars are cut.


‘Secondly, greater incentives are needed to encourage home owners and tenants to invest in energy efficient home improvements.


Thirdly, Labour must end its fixation with onshore wind farms and replace this with a broadly based renewable energy policy harnessing Britain's natural advantages  to develop marine energy technologies and to promote bio fuels. ‘



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