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NOTE: It should be made clear that FPB have not taken anybody to court - just done their level best to raise awareness of the issue at a national level. Businesses may be under the mistaken impression that the FPB are in a position to legally represent them on the many issues involved with the F&M outbreak and unfortunately that isn't the case.

An emailer writes...

Further to earlier information I am repeating some of the message again but now that the judgment has been given against Defra. It is important to get the message out to claimants at all levels be it £100 upwards.

I have been in touch with an organisation named The Forum of Private Business. They don`t charge fees but they accept donations of not less than £100

...the JDM Accord case on 16th. January. These were the contractors who dug the burial pits in Devon and then had to fill them in again. They have been trying to get repayment from Defra without success. The case went very badly for Defra and not only did the judge find against them but added that the company could claim for waiting time and travelling time plus meal breaks. The judge also denied Defra the right of appeal.

FPB now want to do two things: firstly they want anyone who has a genuine claim for unpaid bills connected to FMD to contact them via their website: . They can also speak to James Meyrick Tel:01565 634467 fax 0870 241 9570 or e-mail: . Contact may also be made via Paul Gregory Tel: 0208 894 5732.

They hope to get a whole heap of claimants to whack in cases which in the light of the JDM Accord judgment, could well succeed. It is important that genuine claims are put in quickly.Interest can be recalculated by using the website

The Forum of Private Business address is:-

Ruskin Chambers
Drury Lane
WA16 6HA

FPB are also interested in the other matters which have concerned us for so long namely; the animal cruelty, illegal contiguous culls, bullying of farmers and families, the lies and deceit over blood tests plus any additional material of this ilk. Photographic evidence would be useful as would eye-witness accounts. This is a separate issue from the unpaid bills and may need different handling.

I am only waving the flag for FPB on the basis that at least they have taken some action and achieved a victory. Logic dictates that with that sort of record, they could do it again. It has to be up to the individual whether or not they want to gain repayment for their expenses and in the last issue, we will have to see how this matter develops. I think we all have a heap of information, some duplicated, some not. But it does need sorting and made into a case which Defra will have to answer even to the extent of a Public Inquiry."