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Letter from Mark Purdey to the 'Farmtalking' forum 12 July 2004

Hi folks,

Last Sunday, the New York Times reported the US government's intention to totally ban the feeding of farm animals back to farm animals to eradicate any future risks of mad cow disease.

But by banning the feeding of farm livestock to farm livestock, The US officials really have missed the true cause of mad cow disease. Its not that I personally support the feeding of meat and bone meal to farm livestock - an abhorrent practice that one could hardly wish to see continued - but it does not represent the true cause of this disease.

When we banned the feeding of Meat and bone meal in the UK in 1988, 40,000 cattle have still gone on to develop BSE despite being born after this ban. Furthermore, during the 1960s, 1970s, 1980s, 1990s, Britain exported thousands of tons of this supposedly 'infected' meat and bone meal to continents like Africa, India, south America, the Middle and Far East, yet not a single case of mad cow disease has erupted to date. A schoolchild could see the stupidity of connecting the feeding of this feed and the origin of BSE

The scrapie agent in the feed merely represented an ideal misappropriated scapegoat for which no big corporation or government interest could be held accountable for damage claims. Many officials here in Britain will admit to this in a private capacity. Even Ministers have personally informed me that no one knows what the true cause of mad cow is.

My own global analytical research has recently amassed sufficient analytical data that conclusively indicates that exposure to certain environmental metal microcrystal pollutants are responsible for the true cause of these diseases. These involve either barium, strontium 90, silver or manganese and are released into the environment from various naturally occurring ( volcanoes, etc ) and man made ( military, industrial, etc ) sources. Exposure to each different metal species dictates which specific 'strain' of the disease will emerge.

Once implanted in the brain, these crystals seed the multireplication / growth of significant sized metal-protein crystal arrays ( the heat resistant fibrils which hallmark the BSE diseased brain) , which behave much like the piezoelectic crystals found in microphones , thereby screwing up the ability of the organism to deal with incoming sonic pressure waves. The sound energy is converted into electrical shock bursts which, in turn, initiate free radical mediated neurodegeneration and mad cow disease.

It was the release of strontium 90 into the atmosphere from the April 1986 Chernobyl nuclear plant blow out that rained down over North western Europe and contaminated their pastures. This radioactive metal microcrystal was able to penetrate the brains of cattle because of the simultaneous use of a high dose systemic acting pesticide used uniquely for warble fly eradication here in the UK. The chemical disrupted the protective blood brain barrier of the treated cattle, thereby allowing the strontium 90 microcrystals to leak into the brain, and kick off the deadly mad cow melt down.

The one US mad cow was just down the road from Hanford nuclear weapons processing plant. Likewise the main US cluster of CWD ( spongiform disease ) in deer that kicked off in 1967 is focused in the area downwind of the prolonged radioactive leak that issued from the Rocky Flats nuclear weapons factory ( during the second half of the 1960s). Furthermore, the deer which first developed CWD had originated from the very same pens at the US government's Fort Collins facility which had been experimentally exposed to these radioactive emissions for the purposes of scientific monitoring the impact of radioactive metals on the mammalian biosystem.

Other TSE clusters I have researched in the US involved the development of CJD in the human workforce of a nuclear / conventional missile factory in Tucson Arizona, whilst further TSE clusters have developed where these missiles were test fired at White Sands Missile Range ( New Mexico ) and up at Cold Lake air weapons range on the Albertan/ sakatchewan borders in canada - exactly where the first Canadian case of BSE originated from. And the correlations go on and on.

My latest analytical results have confirmed the disturbing fact that this toxic phenomena clearly represents the true cause of these diseases. But governments remain totally negligent in respect of serving the public interest. They will never publically admit to it , for obvious reasons.


Mark Purdey