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"I was living in Exeter in Devon during the foot and mouth crisis. I thought you may be interested to know: You may think that I couldn't have completed the training and that surely the government wouldn't send me out so unprepared to vaccinate a herd of cows with another 'trainee' - but I was informed that I had passed the training and was now an 'official' being paid 40 a day to be on 'standby'.
During this time my boyfriend and I became very uncertain that we could handle the job as we would probably be sent out together as we shared a car, neither of us have worked with cows before.

After approx 2 weeks we were told that the government wasn't going to vaccinate after all and that thousands of people who spent 3 hours in a barn stabbing oranges would soon be receiving fat paychecks.

Good on the government!

Just to let you know - my boyfriend and I used the money to move out of the country to the south of Spain where we now hope to build a self sufficient straw and cob home.

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