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July 7 2004

Wednesday 7th July 2004

Ref: 1073/04


Gray: Scrap daft ID card plan for horses, ponies, donkeys and mules



Speaking in advance of tomorrow’s House of Commons debate on another daft plan by the Government to require horses to have ID cards, or their owners will face severe penalties, the Shadow Minister for Rural Affairs, James Gray said:


“Rather than learn from their mistakes and the bureaucracy and expense involved in the horse passport scheme, this centralising Government has come up with an even madder one. There is no justification for requiring every horse, pony, donkey and mule in the UK to have a compulsory ID card signed off by a Vet.


“The plan to record the details of every horse in Britain on a computer database in Whitehall is ludicrous.  One can only imagine the scene of 1.5 million horses, many of which look remarkably similar to one another, with some unfortunate mandarin trying to record their every movement.


“The whole thing is a nonsensical scheme, which stands no chance whatsoever of success, and an incoming Conservative Government would abolish it.”





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