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The spectre of two giant windfarms bigger than anything the Westcountry has yet seen was overshadowing two rural areas last night.

A total of 50 huge "super-turbines" are now on the cards for Cornwall and Devon.

Plans for 20 turbines 360ft high were revealed for a site in North Devon with the claim that it would provide more than half of Devon's onshore wind energy target.

Last night, campaigners against onshore windfarms vowed to fight this latest move, saying it would "desecrate" one of the most beautiful landscapes in the region. A similar campaign has already got under way in North Cornwall, where the possibility of a windfarm of up to 25 turbines, 278ft high, is being opposed at Week St Mary.

Yesterday, Jeremy Ward, one of the campaigners from Week St Mary, said: "It seems that the floodgates are opening. People should bear in mind that in the future, the wind turbines are going to be much bigger than the ones we already have in Cornwall."

Dr Chris Perry, the chairman of the North Devon group of the Campaign for the Protection of Rural England, said: "The benefits of onshore turbines are vastly exaggerated. The damage to the landscape will be overwhelming."