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May 8 2004

Dear Mary

I have suggested to Theresa May's office that the issue of waste food should be re- examined. There is no doubt that some of the UK swill feeding was poorly supervised.

However, Germany has a smart industry which may have potential for imitating in the UK. Germany operates municipal cooking plants to which the waste food is delivered by collectors. The bins are steam cleaned before returning to the restaurants, schools and hospitals etc.The waste food is cooked under municipal control and the cooked soup is delivered by vacuum tanker to pig farms which feed 6 million pigs a year. Germany is not going to give up this practise because it is very green.

The UK has a major problem with waste food. It is either going to landfill ( with major consequences) or else it is going down the sewers. The waste down the sewers is feeding a massive rat population. However the rats are needed to remove a lot of the solidified fats that clog up the sewers.

The whole issue needs to be addressed and I believe that Germany offers an example of best practise that we could learn and benefit from. I suspect that the economics would add up because the cooked swill would fund part of the cost of running such a system.