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email received November 1 2004

 I think it is vital we have extremely close relations with our European partners but I am so personally against not having control who rules England. I would hate the loss of England as it exists. Of losing sovereignty and it's own monetary system, being unable to vote off useless people who run the show.etc. etc..
European leaders couldn't even get their acts together to sort out Saddam. Enter the two idiots, Bush and Blair on their white chargers...
I do not trust politicians. Just look at forked tongue Blair. Just look at that windbag Neil Kinnock pocketing a massive lump sum and pension (when he was useless as a Parliamentary private secretary to Michael Foot).
I think if Blair railroads everyone into Europe I think there will be massive acts of public mischief and nuisance. Not as far as what scum Adams & McGuiness did as IRA evil swine. But their success at working our system may temp some to commit gross acts of civil disorder.. I lost a childhood best friend in 1972. Blown to pieces by an IRA booby trap. I could punch Blair on the nose for giving the IRA house room. He's going to be tough on terrorism? Don't make me laugh!
Where do you draw the line when murderers say that they killed a policeman/soldier 'because it is/was a political protest'.. As they did in Ireland when they released murderers to appease the IRA. I am an ex policeman, so I wonder If you can feel a little why I hate lots of politicians.. Most are two faced bunches of hypocrites.....
Look at hunting. I have many country friends who laugh at any attempt to prohibit hunting with dogs. They will be off in the early hours with their long dogs and lurchers no matter what law may apply on that day. Bad laws always fail.. (I have never hunted by the way.. I could never harm any creature..). I am a dog owner however. I am afraid of the potential possibility of my dog maybe killing a rabbit or a fox (God forbid) one day. If caught, will I be jailed..? 
Blair has just bought a 3 million pound house in London. He pays less Council tax for this house than some poor people around these parts living in smaller terraced houses..
Yes I think Blair is pushing things just a little too far. He is going to have a lot of mischief on his hands. I will support this mischief!
Best wishes,