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Blix and Ritter - Oct 10 2004 compare their accounts

email received...

Mary, splendid work putting up the Blix and Ritter material. (Trust labour to send out sanitised leaflets to MPs). I was so angry again at Straw for saying they had done all they could - I disagree. They could have legitimately released the 2 women whom the Iraqi judge had already given clearance to. Also, I understand there were 2 other women in prison, relatives of someone high up in Iraqi regime, who had not been charged and who had done nothing. One thing the hostage takers are not is stupid, and they will have their facts right. There is no need for them to lie. What they are doing is exposing the deceit etc in our system. Heard on the radio this am that Ken bigley took the wrong turn down a country road straight back to his captors - if he had gone the other way he would have walked into an SAS rescue party - so there was a rescue attempt abroad, which presumably the hostage takers knew about and took fright about and therefore decided to murder Bigley.