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I cannot believe the current 'crisis' about pensions...... about 20 years ago I was made aware that this was coming ...... and the main reason is this...... those of us who form the post - WWII 'baby-bulge' are now getting to retirement age (along with Bill Clinton, et al)...... and in the Western World where we have been so successful at limiting our families the population has been going down for years.

With almost all of the public sector working on the method of payment of pensioners where money for current pensions is effectively removed from the salaries of thoe who are working today..... it was obvious in the early 1980's that 'there will not be enough people working in the early 2000's' to pay our pensions ( of those of us who are part of this 'bulge').

This was known way back then and in other countries, notably Australia and Canada, government took steps to work towards the 'money-pot' pensions used by private companies (where the money subtracted from your salary towards your pension is ACTUALLY saved).

At the same time people were encouraged to save.

Having known about this coming timebomb I have always been astonished at how any efforts made in the UK to persuade individuals to save for their pensions were 'too little and too late'. It is only in the past few years that small steps towards this have been taken.

The current 'news' and 'reports' about the pension problem are completely inadequate - remind me somewhat of the Y2K problems - known about in 1990 - not taken any notice of till about 1998! and then treated as if it was a crisis!

And have I done anything about my pension?, of course not ! Impecunious has always been my middle name.