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re the WMN article about Tb visit Paice etc.

The other half of the team, Owen Paterson and Richard North, knew nothing of the visit - Owen is coming next week, same area! Joined up...? Not yet.

Re gamma interferon. Paice is wrong. VLA tell me and still confirm, that in UK with wildlife drip feed, as well as being only 65% specific to m.bovis, "most of the cows in the West will have antibodies". Less dead cows? No. A whole heap more.

With no wildlife interaction, and a purer environment (no avian tb in NZ and Oz), it works over there to take out anything that has had contact with tuberculosis.

But we've allowed m.bovis to establish a huge maintenance base in badgers (over 30% infected, and capable voiding up to 300,000 units of bacteria in every 1 ml of urine?) which has inevitably spilled over into other species, and given them the contact which g-I will show.

If you like, Mary, we've vaccinated them!