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 Tuesday, October 19, 2004

Is this what you call a close victory?

Debate at Hexham Auction Mart

18th October 2004

Countryside Landowners Association

 Speakers for the Yes side were farmer, John Cresswell and Lib Dem Councillor and frequent letter writer, Philip Latham. Representing the No perspective were Dr. Richard North, agriculture and fisheries expert and Parliamentary Researcher, and farmer and Independent councillor, David Lockie.

 The meeting was well attended and Philip Latham led off with the worst presentation I have heard to date. North was on usual form and well supported by David.

John Cresswell was even worse than Philip Latham and there were a few farmers in the audience who, if the Yes speakers had been one of their animals, would have reached for the shotgun to put them out of their misery.

 Both Yes speakers sat down to silence.

 Questions followed and the event was well chaired.

 A hand count was taken for 'Yes.' There were no hands.

 A hand count was taken for the 'Noes.' Fifty five.

 There was one undecided (and she was actually John Cresswell's wife!)

 Richard North demanded a recount.


As we have always said, once the No arguments start to hit the public the Yes vote will begin to collapse. I very much doubt this debate will be reported in the Journal.