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The only apology we really want from Blair

Sir: Blair feels that he cannot honestly apologise for removing Hussein from power. Well that's convenient for him then - currently the nation isn't asking him to.

We're asking him to apologise for allowing his underlings to remove caveats from intelligence assessments (or encouraging their "mates" at the JIC to do so), then using the subsequent propaganda to deceive Parliament into supporting a spurious and premeditated war of aggression at the behest of Washington.

Whether or not removing Hussein from power was a sensible course of action remains to be seen. Later the nation may well demand his apology for replacing Hussein with a new dictator, theocracy or civil war. For now, his apology for the aforementioned and blatant complicity in the jingoistic machinations of the Washington "crazies" will suffice - and nothing short of it will do.

Reading, Berkshire

Sir: I find it impossible to see how there can be an argument about the legality of this war: it is illegal. The UN warned Iraq that if it did not comply with UN resolutions, there would be serious consequences (war not actually specified); it was the UN which had to decide what action was necessary, and authorise its members to take that action. Since this had not happened before the attack, or since, we are thus behaving as international vigilantes.

Guisborough, Redcar and Cleveland

Sir: Nothing justifies this or any prime minister taking our country to war on flawed intelligence. The CEO of a commercial company who failed to carry out due diligence before making a decision that would cause serious harm to his firm would be dismissed.

In this case, the consequences are infinitely more damaging. Thousands of lives have been lost and the Middle East destabilised to a degree that threatens the entire international community. Mr Blair should have listened to his electorate, not to the beguiling voices of his inner ego who promised him immortality. The terrorists who are promised virgins in heaven are equally misdirected.

Westbourne, Dorset

Sir: Tony Blair has very reluctantly apologised over the faulty intelligence used to take us to war in Iraq but immediately afterwards stated that he will not apologise for removing Saddam Hussein. Yet I distinctly remember him standing up in Parliament right before he sent in the troops and stating that this whole saga was not about regime change but about weapons of mass destruction. So Mr Blair will forgive us if we do not fully believe him.

London W14