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So Thailand's independent small farmers must now "become modernised" (what a desperate misnomer), and give up natural methods of chicken production - or face who knows what consequences. 
I feel a deep foreboding about livestock farming - and the feeling gets stronger all the time.  Could it possibly be the case that small scale farming is considered a threat because  those who produce their own food are independent in a way that governments cannot stomach?  Is it not perhpas self evident that we should be made to shop at the "Company Store"?  That the best way to keep the sheeple docile is to control food and water.  Would such thinking be abhorrent to modern governments? It is, after all, very simple. Once you embrace politics for its own sake and abandon all idea of caring for the Nation. Would any government who genuinely cared about the quality of food available for its people allow itself to continue to be so in thrall to the giant food and pharmaceutical interests of big business?
Shakespeare's views of kingship are as relevant now as they were then.  More so, since modern Macbeths have a global reach. Are they in blood  "steeped so far that, should ( they ) wade no more, Returning were as tedious as go oer.."? Do they regard as naive in the extreme (except for use in rhetoric)  the kingly virtues Shakespeare presented as the only way to care properly for a nation: Devotion, Patience, Courage, Fortitude, Justice, Integrity.
 In this mood, one sees the  draconian regulations of recent years  in a very different light from those who nod sagely about "Health and Safety" or the dangers of zoonoses, or the need to stamp out disease because there is no alternative - and, still nodding, knuckle under without protest. It is so much easier to believe the best of one's leaders and their "independent scientific advice" than to challenge them. And there are always so many useful idiots, unions and NGOs, with whom the government can do deals in order to ensure compliance. I heard no loud RSPCA outcry from its 16,000,000 headquarters at Horsham about the foot and mouth horrors. Only a few single officers on the ground were protesting at the time, but their voices went unheeded and no one was prosecuted.
( Warmwell note: Now, the powers of the RSPCA are quite extraordinary. See the provisions of the Animal Welfare Bill)
 The EU is making easy the path for such as Smithfield to drive Poland's independent farmers to the wall. It is a short step from the accelerating intensification of Poland to the virtual disbanding of independent small livestock farming in the UK and elsewhere in the EU so that all can be controlled and managed from the centre and no region is self-sufficient. Already, farmers' markets are declining in the UK and producers are forbidden to advertise.
Sheep here and in the rest of Europe face mass slaughter if any of the tame scientists beavering away on establishment funding can ony come up with proof that scrapie masks BSE with the possibility that it can be transmitted to humans.
As for cattle - one has only to read a little of what Mark Purdey says to feel a huge anger at the establishment and their need to hush up what may indeed be the real causes of the disease.  Mark Purdey may be wrong - but in a sane society his work would be supported and funded  so that it can reach conclusions - supporting or dismissing Mr Purdey's theories about BSE - that would help us all.