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Dear Mary,
it seems to be very easy..........
We can't move anything without a passport, sell without taking several bloodsamples and paying for different health certificates and look what the big guys are doing....
Indian buffalo passed off as Aussie beef
European Union and German officials have uncovered a huge fraud scheme involving Indian water buffalo being labelled as Australian beef, according to German news weekly, Der Spiegel. (25-10-04)

According to the magazine at one port alone in the northern German city of Hamburg about 45 containers of buffalo meat from India was recently seized.

Inspections showed that labels and health certificates for the shipment, destined for Russia, were forged saying the meat was from Australia or Brazil.

Der Spiegel said that the buffalo meat from India is almost impossible to sell internationally due to the presence of foot-and-mouth (FMD) in the country.

Brett de Hayr, chief executive of the Cattle Council of Australia, says that this is not the first time a scam such as this has happened, similar cases have been discovered throughout South East Asia and Japan as. Although as far as he is aware it is the first time such a scheme has been discovered in Europe, where Australia has only a small beef quota.

Australia has a reputation for being free of BSE and FMD and people want to use that to their own end, de Hayr said.