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Family Ties

A few weeks ago we decided it was time for the Ram lambs to leave their

Dusty Miller, their 'dad', with his companion Isaac, an elderly wether, were
in the back meadow which had been divided with an electric fence, as the
fences were not complete at that time.

The electric fence had been removed some weeks before, but Dusty and Isaac
never strayed far over the line where the electric fence had been.

As we expecting a punch-up between Dusty and his sons, we created a small
paddock with an electric fence in which we put Dusty and Isaac. We then
moved the eleven Ram lambs into the main field. Chaos immediately ensued,
the lambs charged the electric fence, knocking it down. They all rushed up
to their dad and started fussing around, nibbling his face and generally
making a fuss of him. (Isaac, his friend, was quite put out).

Within hours they had led Dusty to pastures new, found a sheltering tree and
settled in a group around him, weeks later they are never far from him.
Apart from a fatherly shove now and then there has been no aggression.

We assume they know he's dad, they had never seen him before as this field
is separate from the rest of the holding.

The country life is to be preferred,
for there we see the works of God,
but in cities little else but the works of men.
William Penn.