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Hello Mary,

Thank you for featuring my letter and images on your Wind Farm Web site. I am surprised by the level of frantic support certain Friends of the Earth members are giving to the planning approval and support to build wind turbines in Cumbria. I should think, going by your web site, throughout the UK as well..

Cumbria now has nothing but it's views. Full stop! Ok you could argue farming is still big scale...Yes..But, the way this government is going, that too, will soon become a distant memory....

We have won a small victory locally. My main effort has just been writing stuff rather than attend meetings.. I've found it difficult to get time off work and the areas, 20 miles away, are not technically my neighbourhood. I am frantically going about taking photos of areas where I think they are going to build monster wind turbines.

The Solway Firth is a chosen area. The area around Allonby and Silloth is another such area.The builders are threatening locals that if they object. The bribery money, 200,000, will just be wasted on legal challenges to any refusal of planning permission (which they say they will win) so to object is futile and a waste of that money. They feel we will be overuled and they will win any subsequent appeals.

All this is very disheartening to many of us who care for our environment and to the welfare of people and birds living in the vicinity of these nightmare contraptions..