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I am afraid that I find Monbiot's article dangerous and irresponsible.

His cynical and simple-minded criticism of Kerry takes no account of Kerry's courage to admit that the complexity of some issues often means that there is no black and white interpretation or simple answer. Monbiot is as dangerous as Bush in his single-minded, narrow-minded and confrontational manipulation of issues. I also ask what right he has telling Americans how to vote, from what he thinks is a highly moral standpoint when he seems to have little or no understanding of the realities on the ground?

Warmwell does have the power to influence people and I don't think it helps the international situation to encourage people on both sides of the Atlantic to vote for Nader, especially when the vote may be so close. Sorry, but I feel strongly about this - in fact angry - and I will be voting for Kerry. If anyone is a clear thinker, it's Noam Chomsky, and what he says is wiser than Monbiot. If you keep Monbiot's article, why not find a quote from Chomsky or one of the others Monbiot calls "progressive"?