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received 20 April 2005

Dear all

Not for the first time I am grateful for the perspective and sanity of Warmwell (as Mary knows). This evening is no exception. Weary and depressed at yet more infighting in the election on the minutiae of issues I log on and just have a quick look at Warmwell's inbox page - and find, to my relief, that I am not alone in thinking the election is silent on the really big issues. ie, Energy and the environment - to name but two.

The line about the election office 2005 being filled with enormous elephants hiding behind the flimsiest of election camouflage hit the nail right on the head. (The Times)

Is it that these issues are just way beyond the grasp of any of the political parties to come up with any solutions - are the consequences just so awful that it would scare any voter away from any party who thought to raise them. Perhaps the awful truth is that all the parties know what really lies ahead - and that it is not going to be much fun dealing with consequences. So its head in the sand time again, and perhaps if they all keep talking about tax 'n crime, hospitals 'n' schools, (as Chris Booker so ably said), then come May 5, they will probably get away with it. It is like watching them build sandcastles - blithely ignorant that the tide is coming in.

Thanks Mary for showing that at least some of electorate is not being fooled all of the time.