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Dear Mary,
Do you ever get anything like this on warmwell?  (see below)
The TB site was to build bridges and inform. The target - if there was one - being Defra and bTb. The referring URL for this sad piece was an egroup forum, Peninsulabadgers.
These animal activists appear to hate farmers even more than they 'love' badgers!
Ecological balance? forget it.
For FMD I've referred them to warmwell. When I think of the suicides and tears, fear and horror, well you know how we feel.
 I've answered - as politely as I can, and so has another farmer re wasted resources. 
Bradshaw has hidden behind NFU skirts, and asked for 'their' strategy on bTb. Meetings this week. Total waste of time - and predictible.
Best wishes


You bunch of hypercritical farmers make me sick. If you'd take your heads out of the slurry pit for a minute you might just realise that bTB has nothing to do with badgers and everything to do with bovines. (Bovine means cow in case you didn't know)
Badgers have been scapegoated by the farming lobby for years - perhaps you are just too afraid to admit that the current bTB epidemic is YOUR fault.
Cattle are kept in dank, filthy sheds, grazed in fields knee-deep in mud, pumped full of hormones and drugs, transported great distances to slaughter, treated like industrial milk/meat machines - is it any wonder they catch diseases???
(NB I have witnessed the above conditions first hand)
Farmers - the Guardians of the Countryside? I dont think so!

Get your act together and leave our wildlife alone - If anything needs culling it's you.
I've just read what I posted last night. I feel I ought to add that I have no problem with organic, wildlife friendly, arable farmers.

If the Government invested the time and money currently wasted on the pointless badger cull into vaccine research and improving welfare conditions on farms that would go a long way towards solving the problem of bTB.

However, it's hard to have any sympathy with farmers on outbreak farms. They earn a living from the systematic, industrial-scale abuse of animals. I can remember all too well the crocodile tears shed by many farmers during the Foot and Mouth epidemic. "All our poor animals have to be culled, sob, sob"
They never mentioned the fact that these "poor animals" were destined for the slaughterhouse anyway. Those farmers were crying for one simple reason - they were worried about losing money - the ONLY thing they care about.

Many farmers would love to see a countryside free of wildlife altogether. One actually told me so! It's a "lets kill anything we can't profit from" philosophy.

Farmers, constantly moaning about their problems, DO NOT deserve our sympathy. Instead we should stand up for the billions of farm animals killed every year so people can satisfy their blood-thirsty desire for flesh. We must fight to save the wildlife of this country before the farmers have their way and it is all gone.

Long Live Badgers!!!