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Hello Mary,

I am so so flabbergasted at the news we have just had locally. I have followed the development and the realisation of the folly of wind turbines on your site and across the world. Here in Cumbria we have had news that the Scottish Executive have approved a plan to start filling the Solway Firth Estuary with giant wind turbines. Recent research has shown that each wind turbine kills many many flying creatures each day, both birds and bats.

In spite of all this these idiots are continuing with their heavily subsidised plans. The Solway Firth is a wildfowl sanctuary for many species of birds and waterfowl.

The carnage amongst these poor creatures will be massive. I hope to God that the many who love Gods little creatures will cancel any plans they have to support Scottish Tourism. These idiots, the Scottish Executive, think that people will travel for miles to look at wind turbines off-shore.. And that the dubious benefits of wind power will be enormous. Will you tell them, or shall I ?

I despair, I really really do...

Take care,