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26 August 2005

Dear Mary:   For what it's's what you
posted on Warmwell from the IC North Wales Daily Post:

Union warns of FMD fears Aug 26 2005

IC NorthWales
Daily Post
VACCINATING animals in another foot-and-mouth outbreak
could financially cripple Welsh livestock farmers, a
union warned yesterday.

A new European directive requires all EU member states
to have arrangements in place for using emergency
vaccination if the deadly disease strikes again.

When the FMD virus struck in 2001, vaccination was
ruled out amid union concerns it would destroy the
market for UK beef, lamb and milk. Instead, millions
of farm animals were culled in attempts to stem the
disease, resulting in huge compensation payouts.

NFU Cymru, in its response to consultations on the
directive, says vaccination would not only add costs
to livestock production, it would leave mountains of
unsold meat.

Union deputy president Dai Davies, speaking at
Monmouthshire Show, said, "We are concerned at the
losses that will be sustained by the livestock sector
if the vaccination route is pursued."


>>>>>and here's what's already shown up over here in
the states on the OCM Competitive Markets Livestock

Foot-and-mouth vaccination could cripple livestock
farmers - NFU Cymru

by Farmers Weekly staff




VACCINATING ANIMALS in the event of another
foot-and-mouth outbreak could leave individual Welsh
livestock farmers financially crippled, NFU Cymru has


The warning was included in the union's response to a
consultation on transposing the EU's F&M directive
into domestic legislation. The consultation closes on
Sept 2.


The union said it had a number of concerns with the
proposed vaccination strategy.


Its first concern was that meat from vaccinated
animals would not be able to go into the food chain
unless it was heat treated, deboned and matured.


NFU Cymru said it had grave doubts as to whether there
would be sufficient capacity in Wales to do this. It
also suggested that it would clearly add to production
costs at a time when the market price of vaccinated
meat was likely to be heavily discounted.


Another concern raised was that new directive also
bans the collection and transportation of milk for
sampling for milk hygiene purposes in laboratories not
authorised to test for F&M.


The union said this would give rise to practical
problems for those companies located in Wales where
there are currently no such laboratories. 


"NFU Cymru is seriously concerned at the consequential
losses that will be sustained by the livestock sectors
in Wales in the event of the vaccination route being
pursued," said deputy president Dai Davies.

So, the point I am trying to make, Mary, is that in
this world today, it seems the first one's to get this
kind of dis-information out, are the one's that get it
republished and re-posted the fastest.

NFU Cymru obviously don't want anyone to hear that
vaccination-to-live is a viable alternative to culling

By getting these statements out to FWi...they get the
message published...then it gets posted to the
web....and then everyone else picks it up and re-posts

Then, the "un-informed" reader sees that information
as being legitimized, when, as you and I both know,
there are other alternatives.

I would not be the least bit surprised to see this
same story splashed all over the place in other
newspapers next week, as in this particular case, The
Livestock Brief is sponsored by the Organization for
Competitive Markets, located in Nebraska.....they use's services to provide The Livestock
Brief to their subscribers.

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and google gives us even more when you type
Ellinghuysen into a Google search:


So, with the simple clip of one news item about the
NFU CYMRU taking the anti-vaccination for FMD
stance....this one article was posted by FWI, picked
up by Ellinghuysen, and re-posted to all the
Ellinghuysen-associated websites, which are being read
by thousands of American livestock producers, meat
trade associates, veterinarians and animal health

The most "natural" reaction on the part of the
American Public is:   "Well, if it's there on the web
like this, it means we can't vaccinate for FMD."

To tell you this is sad in itself.   We've all worked
so hard to attempt to overcome the insanity of these
old carry-over FMD policies from days-gone-by.

But, evidently, there are those that still cannot see
that vaccination is a viable at
least, we now can see the source of this abominable
attitude is in Wales....and is the NFU CYMRU people,
who have seen to it that their attitude can infect the
uninformed.   Shame on them.


Burkie in Kansas