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Letter in The Scotsman

Tue 27 Dec 2005

Founded on a lie

An adjudication by the Advertising Standards Authority, released on 21 December, confirms that the wind power industry has duped the country, despite repeated warnings from critics. Every new development, most recently the outrageous approval of Glenmoriston at Loch Ness, is hailed as saving the emission of thousands of tonnes of a year .

The ASA adjudication says that, during the life of these industrial monstrosities, they will save only half of the emissions claimed. In many cases it was the promised saving of that swayed the votes of councillors and planners. Thus the Glenmoriston permission is founded on a lie.

The more realistic saving of CO2, accepted by the ASA is based on the average fuel mixture use by power stations. Gas-fired generation provides an increasing amount of our electricity, with lesser output, so in future, wind power will displace less and less emission. The landscape is being raped with governmental collusion and fraudulent claims.