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Feb 11 2005

Hi M,

I read your words: This website is close to despair. How can things be so wrongly suggested to the press? So many of what were uncertainties are resolved.

and thought of (my) Mark. He's into RsOW matters and is a Trail Rider (very occasionally) & very worried about the loss of old routes, etc. in OUR countryside.

Horse & Hound wrote an article a couple of weeks ago which was factually WRONG, & he queried it.

Contacted by the author he was unsatisfied, & again tackled the editor this morning, who seemed genuinely concerned.

Mark is 'happy' to use the word 'lies' where appropriate, & make direct threats (politely) - such as contacting the national press, taking legal action, & etc., where this is appropriate. Trouble with the VAST majority of us ordinary folks is that we were brought up to accept authority, be polite & meek in general, & let someone else 'sort it out'..........

Very best regards,