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Well , to me it seems to get worse.

Could I ever believe another scientist? Well the answer is no. All the BSE /CJD... there are too many interests at stake. Where is the real truth? Now we have goats. If it was not serious it would be a joke.

As you know we were in the thick of FMD and sacrificed our sheep to save our llamas, ( a fact we are not very proud of) so we bought Janets "The Killing Pens". It sat by my bed for two months before I could bring myself to read it. All I can say is that , what a courageous lady Janet Hughes is and the support she got from her son and husband was just exceptional. As we found ,she was lied to at every juncture, and we saw in those terrible days so many injustices carried out in this governments name that it makes me ashamed to be called British.. This lady had so much courage , why are the rest of us such whimps. It really makes you sit up and think.

Michael & Sandra