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quote : Work carried out by contractors included building pyres and disinfecting farm buildings.

I'd just like to point out that the article about  " The scandal of unpaid FMD bills by DEFRA "  fails to point out the even bigger scandal that the majority of this  40 million pounds which is still owed to contractors for work done during FMD 2001,  was for work building pyres to dispose of HEALTHY cattle and sheep NOT INFECTED with FMD,   and for cleansing and disinfecting farm buildings on farms contiguous to FMD premises. 
Also many of these so-called infected premises were never even blood tested for FMD.
............ and that the 40 million pounds is tax payers' money,  which is urgently needed by the NHS,  schools,  etc !
best regards,
Didi Phillips
Higher Fonstone Farm,