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The tragedy that our "want it now" government have pinned their colours to these wretched turbines instead of really getting to grips with energy conservation is unbearable - and so is the cynical spin that accompanies the dwarfing of the countryside under these monstrous and inefficient blades. Opposition is now "politically incorrect". In Hitler's Germany, friendship with jews was politically incorrect. The fact that the wishes of local people, intelligently and forcefully expressed, have been contemptuously swept aside is very, very significant. Local councils rule against plans. The plans go ahead. When even the former chief of Scottish Power, Sir Donald Miller describes Scottish plans as "alarming", adding "It is difficult to believe that they are fully aware of the damage they are doing..." we should realise that wind turbines are not the green, gentle alternative that they seemed at first.

Poor old world - and poor, poor people. I tremble for the future and those who are not going to be the elite. The elite, those who will be driving around in their cars while we are all grubbing about trying to earn a crust, are all too likely to be those who believe that "there is no such thing as good and evil - only power" - a memorable line from the villain of JK Rowling's first Harry Potter book and thank goodness that children are getting a moral lead from somewhere!

French television did an anniversary piece on Morcambe Bay. Many chinese cockle-pickers are still there on the dangerous beach and the only difference is that have been given a paper booklet in Chinese.
They are stoic, intelligent, wasted, ten to a room. One dignified man was in tears once he began to speak about the family he had left behind and how distressed they would be to see what he was reduced to. A woman, hiding her face within the hood of her waterproof cape, explained how the Chinese government had turfed her family off land because they were going to build an airport there. The chinese local mayor was colluding with government. She was penniless and powerless - and had been duped into believing that hard work in England would been the saving of her family. No support from anyone.

And still the English think such things couldn't happen here!