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Subject: [Press Release]

Blair finally recognises locals should have a say on wind farms

Conservative Party Press Release
Blair finally recognises locals should have a say on wind farms

Release Date: 6 January 2005
Spokesman: Tim Yeo
Reference: 118483

Commenting on Tony Blair's remarks about wind farms in his constituency,
the Shadow Environment Secretary, Tim Yeo MP said:

"I am delighted that Tony Blair has finally recognised that local
communities should have a say when it comes to deciding where wind farms
are to be sited.

"Instead of forcing people up and down the country to accept wind farms
on their doorsteps and thereby putting all Britain's eggs in one basket,
we should use our natural geographical advantages and encourage a wider
range of renewable energy, including tidal and wave power."

Notes to Editors:
Conservatives would repeal the national planning policy PPS 22 which is
designed to remove local obstacles to the approval of wind farms. We do
not believe in imposing developments on local people and believe that,
given a more participatory and empowered framework of decision-making,
local communities will make the most sustainable decision for their

The following exchange took place at the Prime Minister's press
conference today (6th January 2005)
Just before Christmas an application for four wind turbines outside your
home was turned down after the intervention of your agent. Would you
have been happy to see those wind turbines outside your home in Durham
in terms of your support of wind turbines, or did you breathe a private
sigh of relief, and will you be buying your agent a pint the next time
you see him?
Prime Minister:
Well I think he was representing the views of the local community, who
weren't too keen on having them there, and I should imagine I will be
buying him many pints in the future.