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July 16 2005 ~ Meat Scandal An end to "hot meat"? Hundreds of old cull ewes, often in a deplorable condition, are slaughtered every day at Meat Hygiene Services licensed plants. The meat is transported without proper refrigeration for the Muslim markets all over the country, often reaching the markets in a condition unfit for human consumption. The updated DirtyMeat page (New page) reports on progress following the ICC letter to Shaheen Zar of the Meat Fraud and Diversity Branch Enforcement Division at the FSA.

July 18 2005 ~ Dirty Meat. Dr Yunes Teinez writes, "Please feel free to reprint the letters. There is a slow progress but the issue of the hot meat from licensed plants is affecting the meat safety in the UK due to the fact that the slaughtered ewes are very thin, not kept to set for 24 hours for fitness, and then sent to the market mis-described: for the Muslim as Halal , for the African as "goats"....usually ending as mince, to schools, hospitals and the kebab industry.
The reality is that this type of meat is unfit for human consumption."