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Re: the Hill Report

(pdf file here. It loads slowly. Click once only and it should open in a new page)

An emailer writes:

"Whatever the supporters of the OP, mineral etc. theories say, contaminated feedstuff certainly triggers the disease.

I really love the part when Hill states that the only way to minimize the risk of BSE is the exclusion of infective materials from the feedchain:

Who cares about susceptibility if there is no agent that can start a disease ?

Therefore, I am not really happy with the TSE Roadmap (proposals for changes on the use of certain materials) as from experience one knows that there are a lot of people around who want to turn shit into gold by cutting corners (to put it politely).

There is plenty of evidence in this country how, before 2000, tallow has been rendered from fallen stock or at risk animals, has been declared fit for human consumtion and has ended up in frying fat and milk replacer for calves.

Although people should know better there is always someone who puts profit over responsibility.