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Questions sent to FMD Stakeholders - PROCESSING & RETAIL INDUSTRY

The covering letter said

The list of questions for meeting held on Monday 25 July were sent out via email on the evening of Friday July 22 2005 - in other words, just over two days in advance of the meeting on Monday morning.



  1. Achieve shared understanding of what the movement controls are for animals from PZ's, SZ's , VZ's and TCZ's.

  2. Achieve shared understanding of what the required treatments (i.e. heat treatment or de-boning and maturation) are for meat from animals from the zones at 1. above.

  3. How many animals are likely to be moved from the zones at 1. above and the extent to which this will be affected by the time of year? How many animals are likely to be held back and/or become welfare cases because producers wish to avoid the necessity for the various meat treatments ?

  4. What facilities are required at abattoirs for dealing with the animals and treating the meat - can this be provided on a "day dedicated" or part "day dedicated" basis. Are there additional C & D requirements?

  5. How much capacity exists to carry out the treatments and how much is likely to be available during an outbreak? To what degree will transport costs increase if abattoir capacity is limited?

  6. What products can be produced from the treatments and the uses to which they could be put?

  7. What demand is there likely to be for the products and the extent to which they can be seamlessly fed in to the normal supply chain?

  8. What extra costs will be incurred and where will they be borne? Are there economies of scale to be achieved in the cost of treatments? Are there issues surrounding costs of disposing of waste such as bones?

  9. How do the issues change for each species?

  10. What proportion of the industry would want to see the derogation sought which enables the ending of the requirement to treat meat from PZ's and SZ's after at least 30 days and for VZ's at phase 3 of the vaccination programme?