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Tireless Bryn Wayt has responded to the cri de coeur of yesterday: Enclosing the pdf file of the report (new window), he writes,

"Ref the Hornbeam Report that Daft ra boast about a link to it on their website - it is NOT on the Defra website!
Step One:   
Notes for editors

1. The report [Exercise Hornbeam] is available on the Defra website at

Step Two: Clicking on the link given is the 304 page Version 1 Contingency Plan (it was version 4) so the logic nerves have been removed from Defra

Step 3: Make a "search" of the PDF 304 pages for "Exercise Hornbeam" 

-  2 mentions, neither giving a clue of any website report!

Step 4: Make a "search" within: Science Advisory Council Epidemic Diseases sub-group; Review of the Foot and Mouth Disease contingency plan, including Exercise Hornbeam: recommendations of the Science Advisory Council Paper: SAC-ED(04)7.   

There are 4 mentions of Exercise Hornbeam and NO indication of a website report.

Step 5 :  Ignore the Defra website as the Hornbeam Report does NOT reside there!

Step 6By smoke and mirrors procure the PDF report from the SVS people! "  

As attached.