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Received 28 July 2005

You posted this:

All the horror I had felt during 2001 returned: the fear of my own government, and the fear of the appalling randomness of the killing. Jean Charles was 'Slaughtered on Suspicion'.

But I really think they cannot be compared, and this could alienate many. The risks of FMD from sheep is totally different to the risks if this had been a suicide bomber. It's not fair to totally blame the policeman - he put himself at risk by chasing someone he thought had bombs. Maybe he used too many bullets, but if the he was shooting to kill, what does that matter? Maybe blame the intelligence he was given. But I am worried at making these parallels this soon. I heard an interview last night from a security expert that the use of tasers on a suicide bomber could trigger an explosion, and that bullets are the only thing to use. I also heard that a warning could provoke the suspect to trigger an explosion. I think it is a very sad mistake, but I don't think we should criticise yet. There aren't any easy answers. There were with FMD in 2001, but not now.