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I was hoping that Geldof would do something positive. The make poverty history movement were getting out of control, and involving things like war and imperialism - which weren't in Blair's interest.

Geldof and Bono were rolled out from last October onwards, to take the agenda away from the things listed by "no war but class war", to a simplistic glamour approach to make a few people feel good and sell a lot more records. It really is a scandal.

The UK environment Minister Elliot Morley is right now trying to persuade other European nations to drop their opposition to GM crops. He  wants to have bans now in place in Austria, Luxembourg, Germany, France and Greece lifted. In doing so he is clearly preparing to position the UK as a champion of genetic modification.

George Bush and Tony Blair want African farmers to use GM seeds and if you want my opinion Africa needs GMs like a hole in the head.

Bob Geldof and Bono are deflecting the public away from the real issues.