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July 6 2005
From the :and it is against this background, the "biggest problem the world faces today" Prof David King notwithstanding - a situation where transport and production costs are going to go ever higher, unemployment and social unrest soar - that the UK government policies are phasing out local responsibility in favour of centralised control, small farmers and local food production in favour of what it thinks will continue to be "cheap" imports and trade advantages.

Again, we are struck by the ever-increasing interconnections between the issues that are of concern to this website:

  • non-accountable, centralising, profit-obsessed neo-liberal government,
  • globalisation's centralising control of food production and the consequent loss of animal welfare and animal health, the erosion of soil, its nutrients and stability, and the increasing contamination
  • Use of debt as effective form of social control
  • attempted suppression of worry about GM
  • attempted hyping of worry about TSEs and terrorism,
  • Health scares and the subsequent counter-productive centralising bureaucracies with their enormous budgets,
  • society's disaffection with politics and the lack of values evident in both,
  • looming supra-nationalism, nationalist "insurgency", social unrest, insidious social control measures, and the bogus "war on terror",
  • new imperialism and oil control,
  • the new heresy of scientific dissent
  • the consequences of all the above on the spread of animal disease, the mutation of viruses
  • the posturing about relieving poverty by the developed world when global poverty is being created by the developed world
  • the reality of peak oil and the likely collapse of globalisation as economies approach melt-down, increasing social unrest, war and what is now euphemistically called die-off ....