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email frm Dr Yunes Teinaz July 9 2005

Another dirty  meat  scandal ! This programme highlights the issue of unfit meat supply to takeaways and restaurants . 

An undercover reporter managed to sell fit meat as unfit to a kebab take away.

Tons of illegally slaughtered meat and unfit food ends up in restaurants and takeaways without any public health controls checks or legal action against the perpetrators - who are making millions, tax free, at the expense of the health of the nation .

I have supported this programme and hope that more resources will be put into food safety in order to stamp out the illicit trade.
Many thanks

Should I Worry About... Take Aways?
Thu 14 Jul, 7:00 pm - 7:30 pm  30mins
Richard Hammond eats takeaways at least twice a week. The average family will eat up to 10,000 of them over a lifetime. But what exactly is in our favourite curries, chow meins, burgers and kebabs?

Stereo  Widescreen