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June 15 2005

Dear Friends:
Let's set the record straight.  It's not
PORK that's the issue.   It's pork slaughtered from
infected swine.  PMWS-infected swine.  A
non-reportable disease, according to the OIE.  But
millions of pigs born, have never reached the 40th
pound since the year 2000, all over the world....with
the exception of Australia, so far.

 This means "NO" to US pork, "NO" to Canadian pork,
"NO" to UK pork (the worst) and "NO" to Danish
pork....and I would also venture to guess, "NO" to
Kiwi (New Zealand) pork, too.

Meanwhile, Panamanians are checking phyto-sanitary
certificates of all vessels moving any pork
products...through the Panama Canal.

PMWS is a world-wide epidemic questions
about it....but still is not a "reportable" disease,
according to the wonderful(bite my tongue) OIE.

Why not reportable?   Because "reportable" means
losses are indemnified...paid by respective
governments to producers reporting losses.  He's
actually protecting the very people that put him in
his office.

So, now the next question is what's gonna become of
the loads of containers of pork, produced from
PMWS-infected herds, all headed for Australia?

This judge in Sydney, is the first to have some Common
Sense, in my opinion.  He's actually protecting the
very people that put him in his office.

And he's actually Protecting his Public.

Burkie in Kansas


Court win for pork producers

Wednesday, 15/06/2005

The Federal Court in Sydney has handed down orders
preventing the director of Quarantine from issuing
further permits to import pigmeat into Australia.

Catherine Clifford reports it is the latest
development in the Australian industry's fight to keep
out foreign pork.

"Justice Wilcox ordered that the director of
Quarantine's reliance on Biosecurity Australia's risk
analysis be set aside.

"In a strongly worded statement, he declared that any
decision to authorise the importation of pigmeat into
Australia would be an improper use of the Quarantine
Act and would be unlawful.

"Justice Wilcox also set aside the permit that has
already been granted to Australian pigmeat importer
Fayman Enterprises."

"What that means is that the director now, if she is
to behave in accordance with the law, has no option
but to stop the importation all meat from PMWS
countries immediately." APL solicitor Tom Brennan

Lawyers for the director of Quarantine refused to