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17/19 June 2005 ~ Today's Booker's Notebook "....with wild bees gone, and other pollinators not appearing until after many fruit trees and crops are in flower, it seems crazy to risk losing thousands more beekeepers and millions of bees - all to save £250,000, and to show dutiful compliance with a directive many other countries will ignore. .."

An emailer points out -

  • Cuts save £250,000 but risk the £120 million contribution to agriculture [NO POLLINATION: NO FRUITS.]

  • Cuts will devastate the bee population [“DEAR OLD BROCK” IS DOING HIS BIT ALREADY.]

  • Cuts will have a knock-on ecological effect [NO POLLINATION: NO WILD-FLOWERS.]

  • Cuts mean UK Honey production will decline massively

  • Cuts mean honey prices will rocket

  • Cuts will increase the incidence of brood diseases

  • Deregulation of EFB will result in increased incidence of this and other diseases When, not if, all this comes to pass all we nasty farmers with our wicked chemicals will get the blame. The politicians, the conservationists and our “leaders” will be whiter than white. Our “leaders” with their expensive pensions will still be able to afford honey on their toast!