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MARCH 10 2005

LOOT wishes to congratulate our friends, the residents and members of SAWT (Strubby Against Wind Turbines) for their success in convincing the Development Control Committee of East Lindsey District Council to refuse permission for the proposed 1 Turbine Development at Withern,Nr Alford.

The Application from Lincolnshire Wind Power Ltd was for a 101 Metre Turbine.

This refusal spells the end of the last live planning applications in the district for Wind Turbines.2 Refusals for permission from 2004 are subject to Planning Inspectorate Appeals.There are no new applications at this time.

Loot were strongly attacked by Councillor David Bolland (Labour)for supposedly attempting to intimidate him and other councillors.He challenged Loot to report him to The Standards Board for England.We are happy to confirm that we did indeed report him many weeks ago and The Standards Board have now confirmed to us that they have passed our complaint to the Ethical Standards Officers for formal investigation.Our complaint against Councillor Bolland relates to his conduct and behaviour prior to and after The Conisholme planning application made by Ecotricity.

Once again Loot thanks our elected councillors for a strong balanced debate and for their decision to respect the districts residents and refuse planning permission on an application that was so clearly contrary to the County Structure and Local development Plan.