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On the new 'Conservation' body, I am sure that this will in time involve public access to ALL land in receipt of the ELS grants. Not just mountain, moorland and footpaths. And that, combined with livestock farming, and our culture for litigation when we bump our knees will mean trouble ahead.
Several times I've heard (particularly Lord Whitty) refer to 'The public's right to see where its money is spent', and words in this press release like 'enjoyment' of the countryside reinforce that. Nationalisation by the back door.
At the moment it would appear that the relevant maps are unavaialble, but for how long?
 And will the public assume that all land is in receipt of this payment and wander anyway?
 I have no problem with genuine 'visitors', but have been on the receiving end of damage and destruction of fences ( climbing / cutting strained wire back fences).
Also  gates left open for cattle to invade silage fields, growing corn or escape onto public roads / gardens and damage through use of mountain bikes, quads and rubbish dumping.
So sympathy for this ethos is a tad thin. But my main concern is people walking with dogs. Cows with a newborn calf are only a step away from 'the call of the wild', and we who know them enjoy the immense priviledge of being allowed to handle them and their offspring.
Strangers, particularly accompanied by their dogs either on or off leash are not so protected.