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From: Bernard Ingham

Date: Wed, 27 Apr 2005 12:49:40 EDT

I am happy to be called the ugly face of ecology (George Monbiot, April 26) by supporters of wind turbines on unspoiled uplands. They should know. I agree with Mobiot that wind farms will not overcome climate change. I therefore do not agree with him that they are a necessary evil.

As for branding the opponents of Whinash as cheats and exaggerators, Monbiot immediately tars himself with the same brush by repeating without qualification the developers' claim that Whinash wind farm would provide enough electricity for 47,000 homes. It wouldn't when the wind didn't blow or blew too hard. It would then leave them in the dark.

Finally, to put another Monbiot exaggeration in perspective, I did not co-found Country Guardian. Joseph Lythgoe founded it alone. He came out of the blue to me and used me as a sounding board. I had no position with the nuclear industry when he first approached me. But I have never seen a conflict of interest. Wind is no competitor of nuclear and never will be.

(Sir) Bernard Ingham, 9 Monahan Avenue, Purley, Surrey CR8 3BB