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Gloucestershire Echo 20 October 2005

The beauty of the Cotswold landscape has remained untouched for centuries - but villagers in Brockhampton and Sevenhampton say wind turbines could change that.Energy company Green Amps wants to build two 56m turbines on Elsdon Hill. Residents think they will damage the environment and put off tourists.

They have launched a campaign - Say No to Brockhampton Wind Turbines.

Campaigners have written to environmentalist and TV personality David Bellamy asking for his support.Leaflets have been pushed through 2,000 doors in Brockhampton, Sevenhampton, Charlton Abbots, Hawling and Dowdeswell.

A petition in the Craven Arms pub in Brockhampton has been signed by 95 per cent of villagers.Opponents are expected to gather at a parish council meeting tomorrow.

Brockhampton villager Henry Coelho has enlisted the help of experts to prepare a case against the turbines.

He said: "Think of the repercussions. This development is verging on vandalism. The proposed site is in the Cotswold Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty.

"It will destroy the very landscape we have spent years trying to protect

"We care about the environment and we're not against wind energy. We're against the wanton vandalism proposed by this scheme. We can't replace the Cotswolds. We can only destroy them."If people call us nimbys, so what? We love where we live and will fight to preserve it."

Campaign leaflets include an artist's impression of what the turbines - as high as Nelson's Column - will look like from Upper Sevenhampton.Green Amps chief executive Nick Brown was heckled by 120 angry residents at a meeting at Shipton Oliffe Village Hall last month.

Tomorrow's (21 Oct ) meeting starts at 6pm at Brockhampton's Rhodes Memorial Hall.

In putting up a fight: residents are angry over proposals to put up wind turbines near Brockhampton.For more information, log on to