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Hi Mary,

I was appalled to see such sensationalist mass media hype scare mongering the world still further adrift from the truth about the origins of BSE.

This time, it centres upon the same old scientific clique of unintelligenzia and how their tale of a few odd human bones from the Indian outbacks had leaked into UK cattle feed, thereby causing BSE. Yet, there is no scientific data to support this. The once upon a time astute BBC science reporter, Susan Watts, who has launched this latest scandal , should be ashamed of herself.

At the centre of the latest BSE melodrama is Dr Colchester, renowned for his earlier attempts to pin the cluster of five cases of vCJD in the Kent countryside on a supply of drinking water that had allegedly become contaminated by waste water from a meat rendering factory. But you would have thought that this expert would have been instantly discredited on the basis that only one of the five vCJD cases involved in this cluster had actually lived in this water catchment area and therefore been drinking water from the particular supply involved . Furthermore the whole assertion of water contamination by this rendering plant has never been substantiated .

On the BBC Newsnight piece last night, Prof John Collinge was the only expert to make a sensible comment on this latest fracas. How could BSE have been transmitted from India through feed when there have never been any cases of new strain TSE recorded on the Indian continent ?

Even more mysterious was the fact that nobody has picked up on the true relevance of the other press release put out by Texas Uni last week - that the use of sound waves on living tissues will determine whether a person's prion protein is primed for BSE or not. Although widely aired on the BBC news, nobody had connected this lab observation to my 4x published field research studies carried out in every cluster zone of TSE across the world - which concluded that exposures to sonic shock waves will activate the metal microcrystallised piezoelectic prion contaminants in mammalian brain, unleashing a deadly cascade of electric shocks which literally burn out the so called spongiform holes in the brain. This is founded upon the elementary laws of physics and the properties of piezoelectric materials .

The fact that every cluster of TSE in the world is located around sites where piezoelectric microcrystal contaminants { used as detonators } have leaked as a result of various local activities involving military munitions should not be ignored . Since TSE clusters and Munition sites are both rare phenomena, then the persistent occurrence of these two phenomena in the precise same region has got to offer more than a mere coincidence. Furthermore, these microcrystals are heat resistant, transmissible and will produce a progressive pathogenesis once implanted into living tissue . They therefore fulfill all of the idiosyncratic prerequisites of the mysterious TSE causal agent, which no other bacterial or protein only causal theory has previously achieved.

And its not only Texas Uni that have supported by hypothesis . Auburn Uni have shown that once these metal microcrystals contaminate tissues, they do indeed seed the growth of the rogue metal prion protein crystal fibrils which cause BSE.

I find it absolutely incredible that our government and scientific Institutions will now put the full force of public money behind a full scale funding of this kitsched up kindergarten scare story on human remains causing BSE , whilst continuing to blindly ignore the well proven true cause of TSEs. We live in retrograde times.

Sincerely, Mark Purdey.